Friday, July 2, 2010

11th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness

11th Asia Pacific Conference on Giftedness - thinking smart: Effective partnerships for talent development Sydney 29 July - 1 August 2010

The theme of the conference is “Thinking Smart: Effective Partnerships for Talent Development”, which signals the belief that we all need to work collaboratively to ensure that gifted students are provided with the best possible education.

"It is an important time for gifted education internationally and we have secured dynamic gifted educators from across the globe to stimulate and challenge our thinking. It will be a great opportunity to hear new ideas and to renew connections with old friends and colleagues from the Asia-Pacific rim and beyond. Australian educators, too, are keen to share their practices in gifted education with our international colleagues."

The conference will feature the Think Bank Workshop, Think Bank Program and  a Youth Summit. This event will provide an opportunity for educators, professionals, students and parents to gather, discuss, exchange ideas and opinions through workshops and sessions.

It looks very exciting!

2010 Annual Mensa Conference

Save the Date - 2010 Annual Mensa Conference and Kids Conference
Australian Mensa Conference
Friday–Sunday, 15-17 October 2010
North Sydney HarbourView Hotel
17 Blue Street
North Sydney, NSW, Australia
In October 2010 Australia will be holding its annual Australian Mensa Conference at the North Sydney HarbourView. The hotel is 4 and a half stars and discounted accommodation rates are available to AMC participants.

For more information, visit Australian Mensa.

Finding Schools

Shaun Hately undertook the mammoth task of putting all of this information online to serve as a guide for 'parents of intellectually gifted children living in South Australia, Australia, who are seeking an appropriate education for their child.' 

Thanks for all your hard work, Shaun :)

However, while this is a valuable resource in the 'great school search', please keep in mind that it was written in 2001 and has a 2006 copyright. In my research, I have found some of the information to be a little out of date, especially in relation to SHIP schools, since this program is no longer run in state schools.

In my opinion, a collation of potentially suitable schools really needs to be redone, but until then, this is the best I have come across so far.

Gifted Education Policy in South Australia

The gifted and talented children's policy in South Australia
- a pdf from the Department of Education & Children's Services (DECS).

(last updated 2007)