Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wise Ones Australia - Looking for SA Teachers.

Wise Ones Australia - www.wiseones.com.au

WiseOnes provides a support service for high potential children, in your primary school, in school time or during out of school programs. This includes secondary gifted or special needs.

The qualified, registered, experienced and happy teachers attend the school weekly to deliver specifically designed curriculum for these children.

Specialising in Gifted Education, WiseOnes helps fast learners develop their real potential through programs in school time and more. They have provided support for schools in the area of gifted education for 13 years.

They have well qualified, experienced, registered teachers/leaders and parents of a variety of gifted children. They are also a member of Gifted Services Association, VAGTC and Australian Council for Educational Leaders.

This all sounds wonderful, doesn't it? I thought so too, until I contacted them and discovered they don't have a teacher/leader in South Australia yet. So please, if you are an interested teacher, get in contact with WiseOwls via the website.

Here is some information regarding the teacher/leader role:

"All we need is a teacher leader to take up a Licence and we can supply everything they need to make it all happen; Licence, Trademark, full curriculum for primary and junior secondary, training personally and with training videos. Also full video set for Professional Development in Giftedness and Teaching the Gifted for the Licencee's eventual team of teachers. Also we have an internal secure website full of business support and know-how for Licencees and PowerPoints on each curriculum unit for
their teachers."

"We have made sure it is not expensive and it's easy for teachers to afford and to do with all the support.

Teachers who have been leaders in schools or sports clubs or parent groups are suited to this. One of our teachers has just asked to take on a Licence after teaching with us for a year, and one took one on last year after teaching for two terms with us. They are parents of gifted children themselves and see how they can grow in knowledge that helps their family as well as providing support for many more gifted children and creating a business for themselves based at home. Older teachers find there is no retirement age and they have been active leaders in schools for a long time and want to stay involved in a tax effective way."

The Dark Side of Being Bright

Throughout my week, I read many articles on giftedness. Many more than what I post here. This article 'spoke' to me because many people seem to assume that being gifted is wonderful. Sure, it has it's highlights, but sometimes it can be quite a burden. As parents, I think it is our responsibility to help our kids navigate the social and emotional burdens of being gifted.

The dark side of being bright - [read more]

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Just Child's Play - Teaching Gifted First Graders

I came across this blog today and have been absolutely captivated with Miss Trayers and her first grade class of gifted youngsters.

These kids are just the luckiest ever to have such interesting projects to do.
What an inspirational teacher!

[ Not just Child's Play ]

Friday, November 5, 2010

What Should You Tell the Teacher About Your Gifted Child?

This article weighs up the pros and cons of informing your child's teacher that he/she is gifted.

What Should You Tell the Teacher About Your Gifted Child?

Personally, I've always believed in being up front and honest, but it's also best to have an assessment made, so that the facts re:giftedness are undisputable.

However, there are moments where I worry greatly about how the teacher is feeling, knowing that their reaction could impact heavily upon my child's time at school.

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Common myths about Gifted Education

From the National Center for Gifted Education.

Common Gifted Education Myths

  • Gifted students don't need help; they'll do fine on their own
  • That student can't be gifted; he's receiving poor grades

  • Teachers challenge all the students, so gifted kids will be fine in the regular classroom

  • Gifted students are happy, popular, and well adjusted in school

  • Gifted students make everyone else in the class smarter by providing a role model or a challenge
  • This child can't be gifted; he has a disability

  • All children are gifted
  • Our district has a gifted and talented program; we have AP courses

  • Acceleration placement options are socially harmful for gifted students
  • Gifted education requires an abundance of resources

  • Gifted education programs are elitist

  • Please follow the link below to learn how these myths are harming the development of gifted children.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Exquisite Minds Website

This website is an excellent resource for parents and educators of gifted children.

Very easily navigated, this site has games, articles and advice for those seeking assistance or materials for their kids. There is even a forum!


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bright Kids Club

A meeting place for highly intelligent kids.

Just recently started in October 2010, this club for highly intelligent kids is an international online forum where gifted kids can discuss what they are doing or interested in. For kids who are feeling isolated in a mainstream system, this could be a wonderful avenue to meet like minded individuals.