Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tom Lehrer's "The Elements" Animated

This is a great animation of Tom Lehrer's 'The Elements'. We had a look at many, but we both think this was the best version by far. Hope you enjoy it!

Meet the Elements - They Might be Giants

My son and I have been loving 'Meet the Elements' today.

They Might Be Giants also have many other fantastic educational songs... thanks for making it fun :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What is Gifted Education - A powerpoint presentation

Knowledge & Skill Standards in Gifted Education For All Teachers

"Knowledge & Skill Standards in Gifted and Talented Education for All Teachers

All teachers should:

1. understand the issues in definitions, theories, and identification of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse backgrounds;

2. recognize the learning differences, developmental milestones, and cognitive/affective characteristics of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse backgrounds, and identify their related academic and social-emotional needs; and

3. understand, plan, and implement a range of evidence-based strategies to assess gifted and talented students, to differentiate instruction, content, and assignments for them (including the use of higher-order critical and creative-thinking skills), and to nominate them for advanced programs or acceleration as needed."